The Boring Banana

My first bite of a green banana was not pleasant. My neighbor in Queens had cooked it and invited me for breakfast. I walked into her kitchen and was handed a beautiful plate of salted fish, grilled breadfruit, dumpling, and the green banana. After first tasting the green banana I was ready to dump it in the trash. An entire plate of sweet plantains were situated nearby. Instead, she insisted that I eat the green banana to bring balance to my meal. I complied, after all, it’s impolite to insult your host let alone run the risk of missing further breakfasts, lunches and dinners by this very loving, and very skilled Jamaican cook.

I politely accepted my meal, cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces and proceeded to consume what I considered to be a very bland and very boring tuber.

That was 15 years ago. Back then, I loved food as much as I do today, however, at that moment I hadn’t realized that she just introduced me to one of the finest, most beneficial fruits on earth. Since then I’ve come to enjoy green bananas with my meals, especially salt fish, boiled fish, steamed fish and calaloo.

Now, it’s your turn to give them a try!

Note to the tastebuds

You can’t peel and eat a green banana the way would it’s yellow sister, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. Many dishes in the Caribbean include boiled green bananas along with other provisions.

Traditional Boiled Green Banana
Wash the skin of 3-5 bananas
Using a sharp knife, slice a line down the middle of the banana
Place the bananas into a pot of salted boiling water
Boil approximately 25 minutes (until the skin peels away/easy to prick with a fork)
Drain the water and let cool
Remove banana peel
Sprinkle bananas with sea salt, (and garlic powder) to taste
Enjoy with your favorite meal


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