Playing in Paradise: Summer in the British Virgin Islands

photos and words by Kaletha Henry

Sounds: Check
Styles: Most definitely
Sips: You better believe it

Sauntering along the Trellis Bay dock in a cotton navy cover up the blond-haired woman with the cute, short ‘do carried nothing more than a pair of sunglasses as she headed to the catamaran. Her fashionably dressed friend decked in an abstract two-piece walked alongside. Both ladies looked carefree exhibiting the same dose of radiance and excitement as the free-flowing tops, which draped their figures.

Trailing a few feet behind were a group of comparatively stylish men and women accompanying the man in charge for the vibe of the day – musically, that is.

Summer in paradise in the British Virgin Islands is the cherry on an already delectable sundae. We can travel to the most remote beaches, get pampered in upscale resorts, unwind in luxury playgrounds, or retreat to the most hidden coves.

And one of the most rewarding aspects is that we can do all of these things without needing a passport. We don’t have to deal with Customs and Immigration, or TSA agents groping our bodies; nor are we faced with the hassle of flight delays and cancelations. And that’s exactly how paradise should be: the freedom to be unbothered.

Just like tri-state urbanites that flock to The Hamptons, Sag Harbor, and Martha’s Vineyard local wayfarers in the British Virgin Islands are equally keen on seeking new and interesting experiences. These can take the form of large beach jams, impromptu island-hopping, or thrill seeking excursions at sea.

It just so happens that on this last Sunday in June, a new and interesting getaway for these guys and gals meant boarding a vessel for a boat ride to the newly curated brunch experience, “Summer at YCCS” at Yacht Club Costa Smerelda.

Organized by YCCS and Cindy Rosan-Jones, a local event planner who has taken the initiative to offer events that are engaging, functional, and entertaining; Summer at YCCS is the place to escape during the months of July and August where a $100 ticket includes a featured brunch with endless cocktails, a guest DJ, and the most laid-back places to lounge in one of the most coveted properties in the Virgin Islands.

Enjoy the gentle breezes as you’re whisked away on a 40-minute trip to this nautical North Sound gem for an uninterrupted afternoon get-together and adults-only pool party sponsored by Veuve Cliquot.

Renowned as the yearly anchorage for the exclusive Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous, this picture perfect backdrop is ideal for you and your crew to toast, feel glamorous, and soak up all the sun – or champagne.

See you at the pool!

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