I love, love, love food! I love it so much that I have to talk about it, write about it and capture it through my lens? If you share my affair with cuisine, BVI FORK is for you!

I’m based in the British Virgin Islands where I spend my time absorbing all of the wonders found in the Caribbean, and when it comes to pleasing my palate, I’m never short of experiencing an epicurean adventure.

As much as I like to eat I also want to know how food grows, where it grows, how to cook delicious foods and how to eat them! I also love to entertain and be entertained, so I’m going to talk about that too!

Out of everything in life, food is the one element that brings people together and crosses cultural divides. Through my journey into the world of edible treats I’ll share with you the foods grown locally in the Virgin Islands, direct you to the hottest seats at the restaurant table, guide you to secure the ideal reservations and introduce you to our fabulous chefs and bartenders. BVI FORK will educate, enlighten and hopefully inspire you to try new foods, eat and buy locally grown food, and experiment with the fruits and vegetables found on the shelves of your markets.

BVI FORK wants to see you eating, drinking and tasting the many delightful foods, spices, desserts, and seasonings that are grown on this side of the planet!


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